Major Progress on Re-xv6 Project Until 6th July 2019

File System During this week, many changes have been applied to the file system of the original xv6, allowing partitions and mounting. So far, a skel of mount syscall and a support for MBR (Master boot record) has been introduced, which makes it possible to have at most 4 partitions, or “primary partitions” on a single disk. Combination of two separated disk image Original xv6 uses xv6.img alone with fs.

Major Progress on Re-xv6 Project Until 23rd June 2019

Signal Framework This feature provides basic functions of Uinx signals, such as sigset and sigsend. Note that unlike POSIX-compatible implementations, the signal is not send by kill. It’s an issue and will be solved later. The signal framework make it possible to implement some great features like terminate a process by pressing Ctrl-C, which make debugging easier. the mechanism for signals is inspired by the project xv6-signals. Memory Improvements The improvements on memory include expandable user stack and null deference handling.

Announcement on Re-xv6-2 project

Introduction Being considered as the three romances of a programmer, An OS is both challenging and interesting project to dive in. As a mature codebase of operation system study, xv6 is a good re-implementation of Unix v6, which is used by MIT’s 6.828. This project aims at apply improvements on the a quasi-original codebase of xv6 (xv6-improved) , adding including new kernel features and user support so as to create a linux-like full-featured kernel, including some modern techniques, such as MLFQ scheduling and an extended file system.

Raspberry Pi 3B+ Hands-on and Headless Setup

Hands-On This morning I finally received my Raspberry Pi, after an eight-day-long delivery. Raspberry Pi 3B+, released in 2018, as is said, is more powerful than its predecessor. The first step after opening the box is to add two head sinks on the chip. The CPU doesn’t need one although its performance has been greatly improved, for it already has one. The given box has no reserved space for GPIO pins, which make it impossible to use it with GPIO peripherals.


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