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“E pluribus Unum.”

That is , “Out of many, we are one.”

Weak and insignificant as a common high school students, I still hope there should be more fathom & acceptance, and more liberty & equality, both for the aspect of technology and life.
I love Windows and its concept of Universal Windows Platform. I love Apple products and their insistence on privacy protection and excellent user experience. I hold the belief that open source makes the world better.
OI fills my two years of high school and has given me a lot. As a incompetent UWP developer, it has been 3 years since I update my app, Music+ Player, last time. Recently I’m working on the next generation called Gramaphone. I am having fun with minix3 this year as well as linux kernel, although I always shout out “Go away and fuck yourself. ” up to the screen where unexpected results are given. Anime and comic take my time much. In the darkness of night, I bury myself in light novels. That’s the best way for me to manage my emotion, and run into inspirations.

There should be a timeline

but I am lazy enough. It’s half past 3 and I really need a good dream.