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“E pluribus Unum.” is “Out of many, we are one.” written in Latin. As a student in Xiamen University , I hope to populate the most advanced technologies to all around the world, with the concepts of peace, freedom and equality, which are significant for applying modern technologies without harm. The progress for human requires less conflicts and disputes like now we have. And all of us should share not only a free and neutral Internet, but also a world with mutual understanding.

I used to dig into the Universal Windows Platform. I also fancy Apple products and their insistence on privacy protection and excellent user experience. I hold the belief that open source makes the world better.

OI fills my two years of high school and has given me a lot. As a UWP developer, though it has been 3 years since I update my app, Music+ Player, I am still planning the next generation called Gramophone, with many improvements. I used to have fun with minix3 and Linux kernel, although I sometimes feel annoyed when unexpected results are given. I am working on my own kernel now. It is now the longest-lasting personal project for me, and the past year working on it is fruitful and joyful.

Through the year of grade 3 at senior school, I have really figured out what I want. I just want to drill in what I love to do. The rank, comments from others are never important. I tried to balance my hobby and schoolwork, and I think it a success. I spare time to work on my personal projects, and I didn’t ever fall behind on my schoolwork. It really give me the confidence to carry on in the university.

I like anime and comic for entertainment. In the darkness of night, I bury myself in light novels. That’s the best way for me to manage my emotion, and run into inspirations. I am going to learn how to draw and am planning to pick up piano.

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