Looking Back to 2020: PROVEHITO IN ALTUM

Written at the end and the new beginning.

It’s mid-2021, and this post, which is supposed to come out in Janurary, is finally complete. 2020 is a special year, both for the whole world and me. After consideration, I still believe that it deserve some record and hindsight for myself.

See Further

    Entering the university, the courses, complicated and difficult, provide more higher perspective in understanding and analyzing than challenges. I had ever tried to apply transformations on image with GDI+, where all the adjustments made, like changes in brightness or saturation, are expressed in what’s called a transforming matrix. With few tools as a pupil, I, at that time, can only have a test on all the elements in that 5x5 matrix, or just copy codes and wish it could work, to provide certain features. But with the grab on linear algebra, now I can well understand how it works, and even more sophisticated designs like why it use a 5x5 matrix while only 4 channels of colors presented in the image. Through the tough journey of learning these abstract stuff, I am equipped with enough tools to see further, and know things better at the very beginning of every project.
     Above all, I have made plans to read. It’s may be strange for a engineering student to read about labor movement and things, but I deem it important. The ancestors, being remembered or forgot, right before the dawn of a better society, risk their life to push the society forward, to defend their human rights. Their courage, and their devotion are worth knowing and remembering. Moreover, though I have basic knowledge and practical experience on them, I try to read famous materials and books about networking, data structures and algorithms. I am determined to synthesize and systematize my knowledge about them.

Dive Deeper

    Yes, as a Computer Science student I have to code. But I do not want to be one who can only code. The whole year, most spent at home, provide me with ample time to read and learn more about what’s under the surface. It never a puzzle now for me that how a operation system kernel works, for I have tried to create one from scratch, and learned the supplicated design and the rigor logic “behind the curtain”, happening secretly when calling APIs , or syscalls. And, as the first of its kind for me, projects involving declarative-style UI and compilers have started. The cutting edge of the industry, and the basement of nearly everything, will soon be explored by me.

Getting Involved

    No one should be the slave of tests and scores. I firmly believe that everyone is supposed to develop their abilities in all ways, which is why I, despite tight schedule and academic pressure, get involved in various kind of things. I participate in acquisition and processing department of student union and have taken charge of some posts.
Moreover, as a developer of open-source project, I take a more active part on GitHub, creating issues and making discussions. Helping others helped myself a lot. Not only because when helping others I learned about cope with various problems, but also because during the procedure I improve my ability to express.
There is one thing that delighted me so much. One is that I became an Arctic Code Vault Contributor. I mean, it’s surely no wonder for any contributers who have actively-developing project on GitHub, but as for me, for the first time, I find my hard work has been a part of the human history. It will never perish from the world in the storage in the arctic, and it’s a mark that I come to this world and live.

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